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The Maryland School for the Blind

The Maryland School for the Blind (MSB) is a nonprofit private school that serves students who are identified as blind or visually impaired. MSB provides quality educational programs for individuals from infancy to age 21. As a statewide resource center, MSB provides outreach, educational, and residential services for students to reach their fullest potential by preparing them to be as successful, independent, and well-rounded contributing members of their communities as possible. The renovated library at MSB will also include current collections and a lending program for families of visually-impaired students statewide that lends out both braille, large print, and tactile books as well as tactile toys and equipment like slates and braillers. The school’s new slogan is “See beyond,” and it is very appropriate for this new library, which is providing the tools to see beyond their campus walls and broaden their imaginations through accessible technology and design. MSB’s library is setting the gold standard for school library accessibility for visually-impaired students in Maryland.

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