Community Connections

The Baltimore Elementary and Middle School Library Project isn’t only about buildings or books. It’s about providing children with new, exciting opportunities to learn. The Library Project isn’t only about philanthropic vision and collaboration. It’s about the community as whole, each of us, investing in something meaningful and lasting; young lives improved now — and their opportunities improved for their future. 

How to Donate

If you would like to donate to the Baltimore Library Project, checks or money orders can be sent to

The Fund for Educational Excellence
Re: The Baltimore Library Project
800 N. Charles Street
Suite 400
Baltimore, MD 21201

Book Drive

The Weinberg Foundation, together with the Heart of America Foundation, a national nonprofit focused on providing children with the tools to read, succeed, and make a difference, launched the Book Drive initiative in 2012. The Book Drive was a community effort that placed brand new books in the newly renovated school libraries of the Baltimore Library Project. The Book Drive ran from 2012 to 2018, typically during the month of March, and collected a total of $164,000 in donations, which equates to approximately 22,000 books. While brand new books were placed on the shelves of the new libraries, slightly used books were designated for classroom and take-home collections to help students practice reading.