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At Westport Academy, students are challenged to think critically, solve real-world problems, and express themselves confidently in spoken and written language. With the commitment of parents and staff along with partners in the community, Westport provides a learning environment that empowers students and supports them on the path to college readiness.

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The library is very important because it has been a very peaceful place to study for my tests and overall just so quiet and calming. Usually I’m not the person you would see in a library, but our colorful library makes you want to read and expand your knowledge…

Brazae, Student

The library does a lot for people like me who want to read books of their own choice…now that I am older, my experience with this library has been valuable with all kinds of reading materials that I need for research and enjoyable learning.

Gregory, Student

I have had the best learning experiences knowing that our library is a comfortable and easy place for me to work and read. I appreciate how we have a spot for quiet time and a small stage area where we can express ourselves.

Deasia, Student