“Commodore to college.” That phrase is heard every day at Commodore John Rodgers Elementary/Middle School, whose vision is to “move 100 percent of students to college, so they’ll have the opportunity to do what they choose in life.” Staff members are committed to equipping students with the skills, experiences, and mindsets needed for success. The school provides challenging curriculum in pre-kindergarten through grade eight, while providing activities and supports to nurture 888 students. A certified “green school,” Commodore is proud of its commitment to the environment and sustainability. Additional information about this school can be found here.

At Westport Academy, students are challenged to think critically, solve real-world problems, and express themselves confidently in spoken and written language. The school serves 309 students in pre-kindergarten through grade eight. With the commitment of parents and staff along with partners in the community, Westport provides a learning environment that empowers students and supports them on the path to college readiness. Additional information about this school can be found here.