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At Windsor Hills Elementary/Middle School, students receive high-quality instruction and develop character-building values that prepare them to achieve at high levels both academically and socially. This mission is achieved in collaboration among school leadership, faculty, parents, students, and community organizations. With active involvement of the entire school community, we strive to be better than “good enough.”

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Having an extraordinary and renovated media center has helped our school staff, families, and students work alongside each other to move toward the goal of building a generation of young people with the skills, knowledge, and understanding to succeed in college, careers, and community as upstanding citizens and learners, not just here in Baltimore, but in any city in the world.

Jessica Lemmo, Library Media Specialist

I could have a bad day and just walk into the library, and all my worries go away because that is how comfortable and sacred that space makes me feel.

Zion, Student