Harford Heights

At Harford Heights Elementary School, committed adults provide rigorous instruction in a positive and caring environment, where students can develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills to improve academic achievement, enhance character development and benefit the community.

The faculty and administration of Harford Heights Elementary School believe that students learn best in an atmosphere in which all members of the school community feel worthwhile and involved. Mutual respect is exhibited among staff members, parents, community members and students. Behavioral expectations are clearly stated and firmly enforced. Through open lines of communication, staff and students participate in goal setting and decision making.

Morrell Park

In partnership with the entire school community, Morrell Park Elementary/Middle School ensures that each student is empowered with the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to meet the challenges of an increasingly complex and competitive world. Staff is committed to

  • Providing opportunities for all students to achieve at high academic levels
  • Preparing students for the future
  • Ensuring all staff members are focused on growth and meeting the needs of every student
  • Parent satisfaction
  • Effective administration and school management

Windsor Hills

At Windsor Hills Elementary/Middle School, students receive high-quality instruction and develop character-building values that prepare them to achieve at high levels both academically and socially. This mission is achieved in collaboration among school leadership, faculty, parents, students and community organizations. With active involvement of the entire school community, we strive to be better than “good enough.”