Moravia Park Elementary School

Moravia Park Elementary is located on a multi-acre site off Frankford Avenue in Northeast Baltimore. Moravia Park Elementary currently has an enrollment of 761 students. The campus is made up of grades pre-kindergarten through grade five. Moravia Park Elementary is a Title I school with 94% of the student population meeting income criteria for Title I funding and a special education population of 12%. Eighteen-percent of the school’s students are English learners, and the diverse student population represents more than 20 countries and 26 spoken languages. Additional information about this school can be found here.

Southwest Baltimore Charter School

Southwest Baltimore Charter School (SBCS) was founded in 2005 by a group of parents and teachers who wanted to broaden the academic and social horizons of their Southwest Baltimore neighborhood, home to three of the lowest performing schools in Baltimore City. The initiative began with 60 children, in kindergarten and grade 1, who were taught in a few classrooms on the third floor of an underused elementary school. Today, Southwest Baltimore Charter School serves 427 kindergarten through grade eight students with a mission to achieve authentic academic success by harnessing the kindness, cooperation, and trust of faculty, family, and community. Additional information about this school can be found here.

Thomas Johnson Elementary/Middle School

Thomas Johnson Elementary/Middle School is located in the historic Federal Hill neighborhood of South Baltimore. The school serves 544 students in pre-kindergarten through grade eight, with an early learning program for 3-year-olds. The average class size is 19 students, and all classes are taught by teachers who meet the “Highly Qualified” standards required under the No Child Left Behind Act. The school building was partially renovated in 2008 and a new playground was built in 2011. Thomas Johnson has been recognized by the State of Maryland with an Excellence Award in Gifted and Talented Education. Additional information about this school can be found here.